Indena (www.indena.com), in partnership with the International Summer School on Natural Products ISSNP, is pleased to announce the institution of a biennial prize dedicated to the memory of its founder “Biagio Alberto Della Beffa.”

For the second edition of the “Biagio Alberto Della Beffa” Prize, three contest winners will be selected among the next International Summer School on Natural Products edition participants. The prize aims to award and support the professional development of young talented scientists in Natural Product Chemistry.

The prize is directed to graduates in Chemistry, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Want to apply? Applications must be sent from 31st March to May 15th 2023. 

The three winners will be awarded a Grant of 5.000,00 €, and they will benefit of to a 6-month internship at Indena’s premises, that includes a Managerial course.

The prize will be awarded during the International Summer School on Natural Products, organizes among the 2nd and the 7th July 2023, signifying a closer collaboration between Industry and Academia.

Indena SpA is a private Italian company specialized in the research, development and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients and food ingredients of natural origin. Indena is based in Milan, Italy. The operations of Indena started in 1921 thanks to the entrepreneurship of Biagio Alberto Della Beffa.

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winners testimony

Good morning, I am Silvia Scarpato and last year I participated at the 4th International Summer School on Natural Products, which was a great opportunity to network with other young researchers from all over the world, to improve my knowledge in natural product research.

Thanks to ISSNP, I had the possibility to participate and to win the “Biagio Alberto della Beffa” Prize for the 100th anniversary of Indena Company.

This experience has helped me both personally and scientifically.

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work in the Quality Control laboratories, learning and applying GMP.

During my internship at Indena, I mostly worked in the botanical laboratory, where I was introduced to the fascinating world of identification and genomic analysis of botanical species, an important activity of quality control procedures, which unequivocally ensures the authenticity of plant samples.

I warmly thank the Quality Control and R&D groups, who always made me feel at home, especially Dr. Francesco Villa, who guided me during this internship, and Dr. Alessandro Gerli, who taught me everything I know about plant DNA analysis.

Silvia Scarpato

ISSNP is a great opportunity to explore different aspects related to natural products and offers the possibility to interact constructively with an international environment. Furthermore, it gave me the possibility to win the Biagio Alberto Della Beffa Prize and to live one of the most formative and challenging experience of my carrier: a stage in the R&D team of Indena, a leader Industry in the development of natural derivatives for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic applications.

Valeria Cavalloro

ISSNP is a great opportunity for young scientists to gain valuable experience and perspective in the field of Natural Products through this interdisciplinary program. Sponsored by important experts of the field, I had the honor to be awarded the “Indena – Biagio Alberto Della Beffa” prize that significantly enhanced my academic career and gave me the opportunity to meet inspired people, highly distinguished in this particular research area.

Sofia Drakopoulou