Past Students

ISSNP was an enriching experience, that gave me the opportunity to attend lectures from renowned scientist in the vast field of natural products and to network with fellow young researchers and share scientific interests. The combination of lectures, seminars and interactive sessions made it exciting to participate, and the fun social program together with the stunning scenery in which the school was held were a plus!

Eleonora Colombo

Despite it was an online event, the ISSNP 2021 was a great interactive, dynamic and formative experience, perfect for PhD students and Postdoc who had the opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of the recent advancements in the field of natural products, both from young and more experienced scientists.

Fortunato Palma Esposito

ISSNP is a unique immersive experience into the research niche of Natural Products. Designed to maximize the active engagement of participants, this international school was a great chance to acquire new knowledge and skills, meet topic experts, disseminate results and best practices, and develop collaborations.

Valentina Artusa

The International Summer School on Natural Products (IS SNP) was an opportunity for my professional growth to explore new scientific topics, understand new points of view on known knowledge with interesting debates, and last but not least, a sociality moment.

Claudia Sciacca

As a PhD student, the ISSNP was the first experience to meet scientists from all over the world and to share my activity with other students. Attending this International school allows the discovery of new insight and approaches in the chemistry of natural products

Nunzio Cardullo

An outstanding mind-opener and inspiring experience that allows PhD students to share their finding, exchange their insights and create new networks for academic and/ or industrial collaborations.

Sara Ceccacci

ISSNP 2021 was a great opportunity for PhD students to interact with top researchers working in the field of natural products discovery.Even if the event was virtual an excellent organization ensured networking and brainstorming with other participants and lecturers, making ISSNP 2021 a formative and immersive experience.

Federica Di Costanzo