• Postdoctoral Fellow for NSF-funded research on Impacts of Sponges on Caribbean Reef DOM Composition, University of North Carolina Wilmington

This position will play a leading role in a NSF-funded research program to study the impact of marine sponge pumping on the composition of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the Caribbean.  The primary responsibility of the Postdoctoral Research Fellow position will be to perform mass spectrometry-based targeted and untargeted metabolomics experiments on marine DOM. Required qualifications include a PhD in a field related to the scope of the project, demonstrated experience with mass spectrometry, bioinformatic analysis of ‘omics datasets (metabolomics preferred), and corresponding univariate/multivariate statistical analyses as well as experience with a programming language such as R. Other desirable areas of interest or expertise include experience working with marine systems or complex matrices and SCUBA diving experience (either AAUS qualified or open water certified with interest in AAUS training).  The position will include opportunities to travel to the Smithsonian Research Institute’s Carrie Bow Cay marine field station in Belize to assist in sample collection. A Ph.D. degree prior to commencing the appointment is required; however, applicants do not need to have already received their degree prior to applying.

  • One year Post-doctoral position in Marine Natural Products Chemistry (analytical/organic chemistry) at Institut de Chimie de Nice (ICN)
    UMR7272, CNRS, Université Côte d’Azur (UCA)

 Duration: 12 months

Starting date: no later than September/October 2023
Location: ICN, UCA, 28 avenue de Valrose, 06108, Nice, France

Experience: less than 2 years after PhD

Application deadline: 15/05/2023

Applications should be sent to Pr Mohamed MEHIRI (Mohamed.MEHIRI@univ-cotedazur.fr),
combined as one pdf file, and should include: (i) cover letter, (ii) Full CV including your scientific skills and all your research experiences, (iii) 2 pages max. of a summary of your research experiences (PhD/Post-doc), (iv) contact information for at least 2 referees (recommendation letters should be sent directly to M. MEHIRI)

Contact: Pr Mohamed MEHIRI, head of the Marine Natural Products group

Topic: Marine macro- and microorganisms represent an under-explored source of new natural products which exhibit in situ several biological activities (cytotoxic, antibiotic, antifungal, antifouling, etc.). Marine natural products have often original structures, different from those of the metabolites of the terrestrial environment, and exhibit potent pharmacological activities with novel mechanisms of action. They could therefore be used to address unmet medical needs such as anticancer and antibiotic resistance.

In this context, the purpose of the post-doctoral project is the development of new marine natural products from untapped marine organisms. The selected candidate will be in charge to conduce the following tasks: (i) Extraction, fractionation, isolation and structural characterization (NMR 1D and 2D, MS, UV, IR, CD) of marine natural products, notably from sponges and/or cultivated marine fungi, (ii) Synthesis of small molecules selected for their structural singularities and biological properties. The project is published in its most general version and will be detailed to the selected candidate.

We seek to hire an outstanding researcher at a post-doc level with strong and solid skills/experiences in experimental analytical chemistry (chromatography, 1D and 2D NMR, HRMS, IR, UV, CD…), organic chemistry, and natural products chemistry.

  • PhD position at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (Naples, Italy), in the frame of the “Horizon Europe MSCA Doctoral Network HOTBIO”.

The HOTBIO project is  a MSCA Doctoral Network in marine biodiscovery where secondary metabolites from marine microorganisms will be developed into well-characterised compounds that can be applied as medicines, agrochemicals or aquaculture drugs. For info about the project https://uit.no/project/hotbio. Please send a motivation letter and the CV to: chiara.melchiorre@szn.it or donatella.depascale@szn.it.

Application deadline is fixed by 20 April, 2023.
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