School 2021

ISSNP: 6th – 8th July virtual school 

As we are still experiencing Covid19-related restrictions,  the 4th ISSNP will switch from physical to a virtual school.

The school is designed for PhD students and young researchers and aimed to build up a lively scientific community tackling global challenges in the field on natural products.

Strategical objectives will be focused on interdisciplinary and intersectoral learning, networking and cross collaborations.

A combination of lectures, seminars and interactive sessions will provide an immersive and challenging experience and team-based problem solving activities will help the participants to be prepared for future research studies in these fields.


As an international summer school, ISSNP provides the opportunity to enjoy an exciting experience in a highly stimulating environment.
Previous participants have highlighted that ISSNP is an enriching event both professionally and personally.

Three reasons for which you will be thankful:

• You will have a memorable international experience
Extensive international experience is a must for any researcher who would like to achieve success in his/her career.
• You will learn from top scientists and professionals
In order to become a leader yourself, it is very important to learn from leaders. ISSNP attracts experts who are typically busy and rarely available during the academic year.
• You will be able to network with like-minded colleagues.
ISSNP is built around specific themes and targets students and researchers who have an interest in and enthusiasm for this special subject, Natural Products. Networks will be constructed throughout the 3 days of school activities, during lectures, seminars and interactive sessions, working in-group.


We like Virtual Meetings for the following reasons:
  • Meeting recordings ensure nothing is lost 
  • You can meet on the go from your phone
  • You can joint from your favourite place
  • You can create new workflows
  • You can still talk face to face
  • It’s easy to collaborate with screen sharing
  • a big community online is bigger


Last but not least “Virtual meetings save time and money