Giovanna Romano

Giovanna Romano

Stazione Zoologica di Napoli Anton Dohrn (SZN)

Giovanna Romano

Current Position: Giovanna is senior researcher since 2004 at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn of Naples (SZN)

Research activity and interest: Dr. Romano’s research activities focuses on exploring the biodiversity of natural products from marine diatoms for applications in the human health sector. In the last few years she adopted a molecular biology approach to identifying new biosynthetic pathways for of natural products with potential applications as anticancer agent. This approach led to the identification of the biosynthetic pathway for prostaglandins and iridoid alkaloids in diatoms, contributing with new knowledge on the secondary metabolism in these microalgae.

She is partner of the Biotech Company BioSearch, dedicated to research on and innovative products for pharmaceutic, nutraceutic and cosmetic applications from marine microalgae.

Editorial Board Member and Guest Editor of Marine Drugs; Associated Editor for Frontiers in Marine Biotechnology and Bioproducts.

Board member of the European Society for Marine Biotechnology (ESMB)

Author of 108 peer-reviewed original papers/reviews/book chapters and 1 EU Patent.