Valeria Costantino


Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

Valeria Costantino

orcid ID 0000-0001-8723-9505

Current Position: Valeria Costantino, PhD, is Full professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Naples “Federico II”

Research activity and interest: Dr. Costantino’s research (TheBlueChemistryLab) group focuses its activity on exploring the unique biodiversity of natural products from marine sponges and cyanobacteria as lead compounds for pharmacological applications. More recently, the group has applied the chemical knowledge to explore the great biodiversity of cyanobacteria using the OSMAC approach to culture them. Moreover, the group is involved in the monitoring of cyano blooms along the Italian costs and inland waters in the frame of the PNRR_National Biodiversity Future Center (NBFCThe Italian approach: The National Biodiversity Future Center (NBFC)


  • Monitoring of Cyanobacteria’s bloom along coasts and inland waters
  • Fast Detection Strategy: remote and proximal sensing data collection
  • Triggering Siderophore’ and Mycrocistins production in cyanobacteria lab model-strain
  • Cyanobacteria Biosensors
  • Research interests’ Key words: natural products, biodiversity, cyanobacteria, bioactivity, spectroscopy, biosensors


  • Multidisciplinary strategy (Fast Detection Strategy, FDS) for early diagnosis and constant monitoring of cyanobacteria blooms. This strategy combines remote/proximal sensing technology with analytical/biotechnological analysis.
  • Isolation and structural elucidation of novel molecules
  • Dereplication of complex matrix by LC-MS-MS and bioinformatic analyses