Vera Muccilli

Vera Muccilli

Università degli Studi di Catania

Vera Muccilli

orcid ID 0000-0002-6212-5154

Current Position: Vera Muccilli, PhD, is Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry at the Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Catania

Research activity and interest: Prof. Muccilli is carrying out her research within the programs developed by the Chemistry of Bioactive Natural Products Group.

Her main research topics are:

1) Chemical and enzymatic modification of bioactive natural compounds and subsequent evaluation of their biological properties, including the study of structure-activity relationships;

2) Extraction, purification and spectroscopic characterization (by HPLC-UV, HPLC-ESI/MSMS and NMR) of natural polyphenols from biological matrices (medicinal and fruit plants, agricultural wastes, etc.). Evaluation of antioxidant and inhibition of digestive enzymes activities of pure compounds or extracts enriched in polyphenols;

3) Structural characterization of proteins by MS-based methods.

Ongoing Research funding’s projects

PRIN 2017, Project No. 2017A95NC_003, Title: STOLEN MOLECULES – Stealing natural products from the depot and reselling them as new drug candidates.